My career as a professional artist began at age eight. I painted rocks and made doll clothes that I sold from a stand in front of our house. My "beautful" rocks sold better than lemonade!


I studied Fine Arts at Indiana University, then Illustration at Kendall College in Grand Rapids, MI. I went on to work in graphic design and public relations in a variety of industries while I followed my husband around the world during his Air Force career. We've lived in lots of cool places.



 I've tried to keep myself up-to-date in technology and finally decided to formalize my self-education. I obtained a Master of Science degree in Interactive Media from Quinnipiac University through their online program. My studies gave me a strong exposure to video production, Internet ethics, social media for business, animation and user-centered design.



My true love is to experience the beauty in everyday life whether that’s nature, architecture, antiques, the creative work of others or my own experimentation. I enjoy working with paint, fabric and fiber, jewelry, paper and other media.


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